Haiti- Day One on the Roof

By Jennifer Gallardo

The guys, David, Elijah, and Chris, are easy going, good humored, and kick butt. We land in Haiti and walk down the stairs to the plane, waiting in a long slow moving line, and then join the mob of people pushing and trying to get at their luggage, which is being unloaded into one huge pile. I push my way to the front and grab the handle on one of the 50 lb duffle bags, somehow pressing through the mob of people with it I drag it to the front of the airport. Then I repeat that four times… until we have a huge pile with my five duffle bags and the guys suitcases and things. We try to walk out, as other people are doing, but we are motioned to a table where they proceed to open all of our things and then they call me to a back room and tell me I have to pay $192 to get my things out of customs. It doesn’t seem fair that so many people have left without paying, but after a few minutes of discussion and pleading on my part, I just end up paying the $192 so we can leave. No sooner do we arrive at the clinic when the guys spring into action and join Fernando and Dorian up on the roof.