the Couple

Written by Jennifer Gallardo, CPM, LDM and President MamaBaby Haiti

By 7:30am this morning the line outside our door had grown to fill the outside waiting area, and the sounds of chattering and laughing women drifted up to the porch where I ate my breakfast of grits with vegetables. Now, eight hours later, we are finally finished and sit for lunch. We did 40 new patient visits today! So many mommas waiting patiently…. some lay on their sides on the porch floor to sleep during lunch hour. I have been in Haiti for 10 days and this morning I counted the births that have happened since I came. Twenty-three! Today while one of our mommas was waiting, her husband came up to me and asked me if I could fix his eye, which was swollen and painful on the bottom lid. It was not a stye, so I told him I met Dr. Luckson, an optometrist, on the airplane trip to Haiti, and that he would be holding eye clinics this week. I called Dr. Luckson to find out what village they were in today, and then gave the man money for the trip. Three hours later he came back with medication in hand and thanked me profusely for helping him make the connection with the doctor. What a blessing that Dr. Luckson and I met on the plane! I took the man around the corner of the house and sat him on the steps and told him to wait for me. Then I came back with a huge bowl of grits and vegetables and told him to eat, because he was too skinny. He laughed so hard and said, “You make me laugh, telling me I’m too skinny!” By the time he finished eating, his wife had finished her prenatal. I took a couple pictures of them and promised them Echo would bring them a copy. They were very excited to have their first photo’s taken. This is their first baby, and I can tell they are very in love. I am including photo’s of them, because they are so cute.