We ask that if you are pregnant and wish to volunteer, please delay your trip until after you give birth, as we are concerned about possible risks pregnant women may incur traveling to Haiti with the Zika virus in full force during this season.

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Waiver

Do you want to volunteer? Step #1 is to read the volunteer handbook and follow the instructions from there!   

Our volunteers play an extremely important role in the success of our mission in Haiti. It’s because of YOU that we are able to sustain the programs that we offer.  We like to think of our volunteers as “partners” and we hope that once you visit us you will become committed to the mission of MBH and continue to offer your support which it is vital to the life of the women and children we care for.

Fees: $700 for the 1st week with each additional week being $450.  Fees include room, meals and transportation to and from the local Cap Haitian airport or bus station. Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare and travel fees.                                                                                                   


I was told this morning how the baby will develop inside of my belly and what quality of food to eat so the
baby can be healthy.”
— MBH Mama