Sister Birth Center & Sister Midwife Partnerships

MamaBaby Haiti is excited to start partnering with Sister Birth Center's and Midwives from around the world. 

With this Partnership, you will be supporting midwifery and birth care for the poorest women in the Western Hemisphere while also gaining philanthropic exposure and publicity for your birth center or practice. 

We are so excited to have more birth centers and midwives come along side us in support of providing a safe place to seek care and give birth in Northern Haiti. 

With the support from this new program, we hope to hire at least one other Haitian midwife and increase our payroll to where we are providing our Haitian employees with fair wages and time off (you can imagine with 40 births a month and 125 appointments per week our three midwives need more help and more time off to make their jobs sustainable). We also have other vital operational costs to take care of, such as shipping a container of vitamins to Haiti, for example (a cost of $1,500). We are 100% volunteer staff here in the USA, so all money goes straight to our efforts in Haiti.

Join us!


With your tax deductible monthly donation, you will receive a spot on our website where we will display a photo of you or your birth center (that will link back to your website) along with a small blurb about what you do. This will be a great place for our community to connect and grow, all while supporting our common goal; a safe and respectful birth for all! 

You will also receive a hanging beautiful wall display that will show your clients that you support the efforts and mamas and babies we care for at MamaBaby Haiti.


Partnership Investment

Sister Birth Center- $150 USD a month 

Sister Midwife- $50 USD a month 


Monthly giving options

Want to give to MamaBaby Haiti monthly but are not a Birth Center of Midwife? We would love to have you!