Our Matron training is something we are currently seeking support for. 

By definition, a Matron is a mature woman who helps the younger women to give birth. Due to the lack of transportation at night and proximity to a skilled birth attendant, many Haitian women end up having their babies at home alone or with a Matron.  Essentially, Matrons are home birth midwives who attend up to 70% of the births that happen outside of a facilities walls. Their training varies from someone who has attended just a few births to midwives who are seasoned and have attended many births. The majority of the Matrons lack the equipment and the training to monitor blood pressure, listen to the fetal heart tones, and resuscitate a baby.

We hold regular Matron trainings to share skills, knowledge and equipment so that the women who stay home to birth can be in safer hands than they would have been without MamaBaby trainings. Our goal is still for as many mothers as possible to come to MamaBaby, as our midwives have extensive training and medication that is unavailable to the matrons to stop a hemorrhage, however, to lower the neonatal and maternal mortality rate in Haiti, we need to do everything we can to help the mommas who cannot get to the birth center.  

Our Matron training workshops have become a wonderful place for us to connect with the community midwives and give them training that could make the difference between life and death for a mom and baby.