MamaBaby Haiti School of "Infirmière Saj Famn" Midwifery 



Our "Infirmière Saj Famn" Midwifery education program opened in September 2016 and our first class will graduate in June 2018. These woman have committed themselves to being trained as Skilled Birth Attendants by learning the Art of Midwifery with the intention to provide quality care to Woman and Babies of Haiti. 

Haiti continues to hold the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the western hemisphere. It is our core belief that no woman or child should ever die simply because of where they live. One in 263 women who have a live birth, die in childbirth or in the immediate postpartum period, and 1 out of 14 Haitian children will die before the age of five. 98% of these deaths are preventable...

School Objective: 

To train Nurses from Cap-Haïtien and surrounding areas to become "Infirmière Saj Famn" Midwives. The majority of the world agrees that to reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality rates globally we need more midwives. We believe midwives are the answer for Haiti. By training local Nurses to become Auxillary Saj Famn's they can provide life saving skills and choose to serve their own communities locally in facilities, independantly and/or through mobile clinics in more remote areas all while providing for themselves and hopefully remaining with or close to their families.

Right now there are only a couple of programs training Skilled Birth Attendants.  The one major school training midwifery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's Capital City (7 hours from Cap-Haïtien) and another program training Auxillary Saj Famn's in Hinche located in Haiti's Central Plateau (3 hours from Cap-Haïtien). The locations are both to far for local Nurses to travel to for training. We believe to have an impact on statistics we need to have trained Skilled Birth Attendants all around the country. 

Opening the Education Program at MamaBaby Haiti is one step closer to building a sustainable Haiti, helping families to thrive, and ultimately training more Skilled Birth Attendants which will in fact help to improve the birth outcomes in Haiti.



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