MamaBaby Haiti School of Midwifery 

September 2016: We are excited to share that our school is now open! We have 6 students who are eager to learn and serve the mothers and babies in our clinic. 

Haiti continues to hold the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the western hemisphere. It is our core belief that no woman or child should ever die simply because of where they live. 1 in 263 women who have a live birth, die in childbirth or in the immediate postpartum period, and 1 out of 14 Haitian children will die before the age of five. 98% of these deaths are preventable…

School Objective: 

To train up local Cap Haitian Nurses to become midwives so they can serve their own community (at MamaBaby Haiti and through mobile clinics) while proving for themselves and keeping their families together. 

To train Nurses from the Vetiver region to become midwives and then return them to their homes to provide midwifery care and mobile clinics while providing for themselves and keeping their families together.

Right now the only midwifery school in Haiti is located in Hinche, which is an expensive 5 hour bus ride away on grueling roads, from our birth center. Our current midwives are all from Hinche and currently live apart from their families due to the lack of trained midwives in our area. We do not want this to be the case. Culturally, it is not uncommon to live apart from you families in order to have employment, but we believe that in order for families and the country as a whole to thrive, there needs to be opportunities for training and employment in all of Haiti. 

Opening our Midwifery Program at our clinic is one step closer to building a sustainable Haiti, helping families to thrive, and ultimately training up more skilled birth attendants to help lower the poor infant and maternal mortality rate the continues to ravish Haiti.