Our Ambulance is sick.

Sounds like an oxymoron right? That our Ambulance would be sick... But it is true. Our tried and true Land Cruiser that we use to transport mama's & babies who need emergent care to the Hospital, has indeed broken down. We have spent the last two weeks working through the scenarios of how to get it up and running again at the absolute best price. As you can imagine, Haiti does not have the necessary parts in country which leaves us with the options of sending individual parts down, a whole new used engine, or shipping a 'new" used car?  Cost scenarios and expected successful outcome have us landing on finding a used engine in good condition, having it shipped to Haiti and then having our Haitian mechanic install it. 

To accomplish this task we will need $2500. As daunting as the amount may feel to us, we know that the ability to safely and quickly transport Women in an emergency (not on the back of a motorbike) is worth the price. Right now though, the clinic just does not have any margin to pay for this engine. We have found a good deal in Colorado and know how to get it to our clinic, but just do not have the means to do so... We are hoping that the many people who believe in our clinic and want to see Haitian women have access to a safe birth, will surround us and help us to quickly gather these funds.

This MamaBaby Community is making a global impact and daily changing the lives of many.  You all are a vital part the MamaBaby Story because without you, we truly would not be able to do what we do.

We are 100% committed to the women we serve and part of that commitment is making sure our Ambulance is up running well. Help us spread the word. Thank You! 

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Here is what our Ambulance typically looks like...

And here is what it looks like now!!