New Fundraisers & a Thank You

MamaBaby Haiti has two new fundraisers happening right now! 


The beautiful building that MamaBaby calls home has rent due every six months at $1000 a month. This means that on May 1st, $6000 is due to our landlord. We need your partnership in helping us continue to do this Beautiful work for the Haitian Mamas and Babies we serve every day!


As I am sure you can imagine, getting the necessary supplies into Haiti is no small feat. Our wonderful volunteers are always asked to try and bring down supplies for our Stockroom, but even then, a back stock is always needed. In the states, everything we could possibly need is just a Walgreens away. In Haiti though, If we do not have it already in the center at the time of need, it literally can be a situation of life and death! 

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who continue to believe in and support the work that MamaBaby Haiti does. We could not do this without your help! We are currently working on getting Stories from our Haitian Team and Mothers so that you can hear in their own words, what an Impact MamaBaby Haiti truly makes.