update on our cervical cancer clinic

Each week, our Friday seminar to educate Haitian women about cervical cancer and STIs grows, as more and more excited women flock to MamaBaby to learn more about how to protect themselves. There are a few ways that women are learning about our program. The most popular way is through the encouragement of our amazing nurse, Miss Nadege, as she has visited multiple areas of Cap Haitien and L'Acul du Nord, which are the largest zones surrounding our clinic. She has hiked mountains that motorcycles do not reach, as motorcycle is the preferred mode of transportation outside of the main highway here in Haiti, and has spoken to 1,355 women since the start of the program. Some of these women are outside of the age range for our program and therefore do not return for testing, but Miss Nadege is making a huge impact on them nonetheless. She explains how HPV (the human papilloma virus) can cause cervical cancer, hands out pamphlets on the topic, and explains the importance of condom use. Sometimes she meets men who are also interested in this topic and hands out condoms along with pamphlets explaining their proper use.

She is also planning and organizing large seminars in farther cities and villages such as Camp Louis, a large coastal village. The other way that women are learning about the screening is word of mouth. After we give women their results and explain what that means for them, many women tell us that they will definitely encourage their friends and family to come for testing. They even offer to post fliers in their church or hand out a few business cards. Once again we can see that empowering women benefits the entire society.  Our partner, St Francois de Sales, has also signed up many of their own patients who fall within the age range.


This is a map of our outreach so far

Miss Nadege doing the very popular condom demonstration at the class on Fridays.

New patients come every Wednesday to be seen at our partner hospital St. Francois. Here we have GYN beds that make the exam much more comfortable for the patients and the visualization easier for the providers.