I am living my dream working here in Haiti

My experience so far here at MamaBaby Haiti is hard to put into words. Having never been to Haiti but having traveled to many other countries in need I had notions of what to expect though for me, traveling to a new country always brings with it individualized experiences, new memories and life changing adventures.

Here in the northern part of Haiti, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, kind gentle people and intense poverty and despair. I have felt welcomed by the locals and I am grateful for the staff and friends of MamaBaby Haiti who have opened their home and their arms to the volunteers, making this experience even more rewarding.

As a Physician who has always had a passion for working with populations in great need, I feel my work here in Haiti has satisfied my calling to help my brothers and sisters as well as to provide the highest level medical care for people who are generally so underserved. The look on a sick child’s face when I try and use my broken Creole, or the delight in a mothers eyes when she returns and her child has been well after a long bout of illness are the driving forces behind why I feel such an intense connection to practice medicine here in Haiti. We have given nourishment to starving children, treated severe skin conditions, halted voluminous diarrhea and given parents what they should all have; a sense that their children are safe and well taken care of. I believe our patients know we would do anything to make sure they are free of disease and being able to help provide that reassurance makes me grateful beyond words. I became a Doctor to help children who are ill; I am living my dream working here in Haiti and am creating as much happiness within myself as I hope to be helping others to achieve.

The current staff of Doctors, Midwives and volunteers here is some of the best I have seen. Their dedication to their chosen crafts is evident when they rise in the middle of the night to deliver babies, work through illnesses of their own and continue to push themselves to the limits to care for one more patient so they don’t have to go home without seeing someone after waiting 8 hrs. Never have I felt that anyone here regrets the decision to come to Haiti, lacks the desire to truly understand this wonderful culture or takes this experience for granted in the least. I am humbled and in awe everyday of their work ethic and the desire to help those in need. I am grateful to have been able to spend so much time with such an amazing group of people; we have built a bond that will never be broken.

I am excited to see what the next two months hold for me here in Cap Haitien, I hope the end of my stay does not come too quickly though as I feel there is so much more to learn and understand about this beautiful country!

Dr. Zeenia Junkeer

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