Merry Christmas -- Jwaye Nwèl

This Holiday Season, we invite you to join us in giving towards the most precious thing any one of us can receive, the Gift of Life! 

How it works

Simply read through our needs below and see which on speaks to you! Click the GIVE A GIFT NOW button at the bottom of the page and give towards that need. By clicking "Other" on the giving page you can choose your amount and make a note towards what you would like your gift to go towards. Even if you can only give towards an item, that would be equally as wonderful; no gift is ever too small! Thank you & Happy Giving!

 Birth Center Supplies 

The supplies we need are not always readily available to purchase in Haiti. We often need to fill volunteers bags or send on a boat, the crucial supplies our birth center needs. 

  • Pitocin ($1 x500) This drug is life saving (literally) Every patient receives it after giving birth to prevent hemorrhage. They are $1 a vial and we need around 500 to get us through 2016.
  • Erythromycin ($1x500) Each newborn receives a dose of this antibiotic eye ointment in both eyes to prevent blindness from eye infections.
  • Vitamin K ($1.50 x500) Every newborn is given an injections of vitamin k to help prevent bleeding in the brain. 
  • Hibiclens ($24 x12) Chlorhexidine is a very important disinfectant we use to wash our hand and clean tolols with. 
  • Gloves ($30 x12) A box of gloves in Haiti costs $3. A $30 donation would supply the gloves needed for an entire month,
  • Iron ($2 x500) Many of the Mothers who come to us have iron deficiency. $2 would supply the iron needed for one of our pregnant moms.
  • Reusable Pads ($3x500) We love supporting others who are also dedicated to supporting Haitians. Helping Haiti Work has local Haitian seamstresses who make them and we can purchase the pads we need for our mothers after birth while helping support local women. 
  • Full Oxygen Tank ($XXX) When oxygen is needed, it can be life or death. Having it readily available is something we always need. 
  • Doppler($600) A reliable doppler is one of our most used tools. It allows us to hear healthy heartbeats and catch complications that may arise.
  • Solar Panels($6000) The city power is inconsistent at best and reliable electricity is something we really need. Many of our nighttime births are done by headlamp.

Birth Center Operational needs

Much of what we do cannot be measured by a single needed supply. We are a birth center that is ran off of the human connection and skills of our very gifted team. 

  • Haitian Midwives Salary for a month ($400x4x12) We have 4 full time midwives who are the heartbeat of what we do. They work tirelessly around the clock ensuring that every mother and baby they meet receives the thorough and compassionate care that our foundation is built upon. Each midwife receives monthly salary of $400 and they receive free room and board. 
  • Rent ($1000 x12) We currently rent the house where our birth center is held. We pay our rent 6 months at a time and are always in need of the funds to go towards keeping our clinic doors open. 
  • Land & Midwifery School ($100,000) We like dream big at MamaBaby Haiti! Our hope is to someday be able to purchase our own land and build a birth center and clinic that fits all of our needs. We envision grounds that would be filled with sustainable gardening and farming that would sustain our staff, feed our hungry mamas, and teach their families how to grow and maintain a garden of their own.  

Once we have our land, would like to start our own midwifery school to educate midwives in our local area. Right now the majority of Haitian midwives come from hours away and spend most of their time away from their families and homes. We want to see a school in the Cap Haitian area where our locals can be educated, empowered, and where families can stay together!